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Prayer2000's Teaching Ministry focus mainly on PRAYER, the how, why, who, when, etc. The teaching is done by select men of God from the Body of Christ including but not limited to staff of Prayer2000 Ministry.

The teachings have been made available on this website under four (4) categories:

  1. those for general audience;
  2. those targeted specifically to partners of Prayer2000 Ministry;
  3. those for School of Prayer students; and
  4. those for Conference Teachers.

Teachings can be viewed online in html format, or downloaded in pdf format.

  1. Teachings available to general audience ... click here
  2. Teachings available to Partners only ... click here.
  3. Teachings available to School of Prayer Students ... click here
  4. Teachings available to Conference Teachers ... click here

Topics covered in our last Prayer Conference are listed below.

2011 ANNUAL NATIONAL "Healing The Land" PRAYER CONFERENCE – Teachings (General):

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national prayer centre
blessing the nation day

10 Indicators of Community Transformation:

This is a matter of faith, not triumphalism. There is, and will likely continue to be, gross spiritual darkness in the world. Our goal is not to make a new heaven and a new earth, but rather to create salty spots on the earth that stimulate a thirst for God. Like many salty appetizers, these temporal transformations point the way to a larger, more satisfying meal to come.

- George Otis, Jr. (from IFTP Core Definitions & Values) -