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Prayer2000's Teaching Ministry focus mainly on PRAYER, the how, why, who, when, etc. The teaching is done by select men of God from the Body of Christ including but not limited to staff of Prayer2000 Ministry.

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Topics covered in our last Prayer Conference are listed below.

2011 ANNUAL NATIONAL "Healing The Land" PRAYER CONFERENCE – Teachings (General):

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They Fasted To Deliver

Can the prey be taken from the mighty, or the captives of a tyrant be rescued? Surely, thus says the Lord: Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken, and the prey of the tyrant be rescued, for I will contend with those who contend with you. Isaiah 49:24-25

Pastor HSI was surely one of the greatest saints that the land of China has produced.

Dr. D. M. Lloyd-Jones, in the Foreword to the one volume edition of his life, says:

He was truly a man of God in the real sense of the word. Is simple childlike faith, which yet was strong and unshakeable, was astonishing. He took the New Testament as it was and put it into practice without any hesitations.

Delivered at the time of his conversion from the awful tyranny of opium smoking, God used this man in a ministry which brought deliverance to hundreds of his fellow countrymen from opium and demon-possession. Many were healed through the laying on of hands. The hearts of multitudes were thus opened to the gospel, and churches sprang up throughout the region. From the time of his conversion he took the name of Sheng-mo, meaning 'conqueror of demons," as if by some strange institution he knew the work that God had raised him up to do.

Within a few months of his own deliverance came the first great test. His wife, who had given evidence of being influenced by his new-found faith, became demon-possessed. She suffered from deep depression and mental torment, and when the time came for daily worship she was seized with "paroxysms of ungovernable rage." The villagers to a man believed that her possession by evil spirits was a judgment upon Hsi for his sins against the gods. "A famous conqueror of demons!" they cried. "Let us see what his faith can do now!"

Hsi had already learned the power of prayer coupled with fasting in the conflict with Satan.

He called for a fast of three days and nights in his household, and gave himself to prayer. Weak in body, but strong in faith, he laid hold on the promises of God, and claimed complete deliverance. Then without hesitation he went to his distressed wife, and laying his hands upon her, in the name of Jesus commanded the evil spirits to depart and torment her no more.

Mrs. Hsi was delivered instantly and permanently, and forthwith declared herself a Christian. She became his able and devoted partner in the work of God.

Thus began a ministry which has been rightly described as "apostolic." It was characterized by tremendous conflict with the powers of darkness. Great was the power of Satan let loose against him, but greater was the power of God with him to save, we afraid to face them because we know our impotence and fear the power of the devil? Most of us are honest enough to admit that faced with such cases we would not know what to do. We would prefer to call in the psychiatrist rather than tackle a problem for which we know ourselves to be ill-equipped. At least our escapism avoids the embarrassment and humiliation of failure, of having to inquire of the Lord, "Why could not we cast it out?" But are we really satisfied with this situation? Or what is even more pertinent, is He satisfied?

The Lord surely wants us to know His own deep compassion for those tormented souls. He has given us the authority to deliver them. "In my name they will cast out demons" (Mark 16:17). Do we care enough to fast and pray for their deliverance?

It is true that deliverance is seldom possible unless those possessed or bound are wholly desirous of it, and ready by repentance and confession of any sin which has opened the door to satan to deprive him of any rights within them. Especially is this true in the case of professed believers. But so often there is this deep desire on the part of those afflicted, but no one to whom they can turn who will use the God-given authority, pay the price if need be in prayer and fasting, and command the deliverance.

God give us the vision and the faith in this hour of need.