A Prayer For National Revival

Team Letter

to Teachers, Support team and host pastor


Dear P2k Teachers, Support Team and Host Pastors,

We seek to achieve the following during the Conference:

  1. After the final session of prayer, organize the gathering into Church Clusters
  2. From the registration sheet, place the churches in clusters according to their close locations to each other (This should be done by the registration desk during the conference, on a separate sheet of paper, to be presented to the Conference Teacher.
  3. The Conference Teacher, P2K Representative and Host Pastor are to announce the clusters and invite a church to agree to have the other churches in the cluster meet once per month – maybe a Wednesday night- for Corporate Prayer (this should be noted in detail for further communication).
  4. Emphasize the need for consistency in Corporate Prayer. Prayer 2000 will support these established "Prayer Altars".
  5. Select a Prayer Coordinator for each Cluster - Person should preferably have email and Internet Access so Prayer Points and Materials may be transmitted.
  6. Dedicate the Prayer Altars to God. ( see page 1 of the teaching material )

Provided By:
Rev. Dr. Naila L. Ricketts
President Prayer 2000

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