Why Blessing the Nation


  1. God delights in blessing His people as evidenced by His first act after creating the first man and woman. Genesis 1:26-28. “So God created man in His own image …… male and female created He them …… God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number ….rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”
  2. Later, in Genesis 27:27-29, Isaac carried on the tradition of a father blessing his sons, invoking the favour of God on their lives.
  3. Solomon not only blessed the temple that had been built, but he also blessed the people (1 Kings 8:14)
  4. The people also blessed the King.
  5. 5. David blessed the Lord in the presence of the people (1 Chronicles 29:10-19). He also gave the people the opportunity to bless the Lord their God, which they did (1 Chronicles 29:20).

Many other instances could be cited to provide a rationale for the blessing of the nation. (See Nehemiah 8:9-12). In many of the instances cited, the blessing came after a time of trouble, suffering, lack or oppression of some sort (see Nehemiah Chapters 1-8). The people were in distress, as in the case of Nehemiah when he returned to re-build the walls and gates of Jerusalem.

Prelude to the Blessing

There were certain key elements that defined the day or time of blessing of the people.

  1. Prayers were offered up. (1 Chronicles 8)
  2. There was worship –eg. - The king and people bowing down before God. The King (Solomon) kneeling with his hands extended towards heaven. Verse 54)
  3. There were sacrifices: - The king/leader and people sacrificed sin offerings, peace offerings, etc.
  4. The word of God was read or declared. (Nehemiah 8:5-6)
  5. They gave willingly of their possessions.
  6. The people were given (food/gifts) in a spirit of joy and gladness. They were sent home rejoicing.

Somebody Cares Festival; Suggested Procedure

  1. Identify venue in each parish capital or major town where people will gather.
  2. Captains or leaders should be identified to lead the marches to the venue of gathering (number of streams flowing into the venue depended on how large the surrounding area is).
  3. Banners declaring blessings on the nation should be prepared in bold writing, and carried by captains and/or the people in general
  4. Prior to the start of the march each stream should assemble for a period of prayer (e.g. prayers of praise, repentance, confession, etc.)
  5. As the people march towards the culminating area they should shout the blessing written on the banners by turns e.g “Jamaica will become a Praise in the Earth”; “Righteousness Exalts Jamaica”; Happy is Jamaica; whose God is the Lord”; God will give Jamaica a gateway of Hope in its place of Trouble” Hosea 2:15. “God gives Salvation to Jamaica”; Our storehouses will be Full (Ps 144:13a) “Our assets will increase by multiple thousands” (Ps. 144:13b) “Our workers will be strong to labour” (Ps. 144:14a). “No more complaining in our streets” (Ps. 144:14d). “Jamaica’s deserts shall blossom as a rose” (Isaiah 35:1b).

“Jamaica shall see the glory of the Lord” (Isaiah 35:2d); “Be Strong! Fear Not!” (Isaiah 35:4a); God will come and save Jamaica” (Isaiah 35:4d). “Sorrow and mourning shall flee away”. (Isaiah 35:10); “The glory of the Lord is risen upon Jamaica”. (Isaiah 60:1b) “Jamaica shall see (understand) and move in unity”. (Isaiah 60:5a

At the Culminating Venue

1. A pre-selected speaker should give the keynote address to the gathering.
2. Blessing of the people in general or children and elderly by anointing them with oil and by the laying on of hands.
3. Refreshment previously prepared, to be served and gifts distributed to most needy first, then to others according to availability/need.
4. After distribution of gifts or at some appropriate time people should be encouraged to fellowship with each other, speaking blessings and generally having a time of rejoicing before dispersing.

Other Supporting Documents:

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