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Praying for National Election

Dear Partners,

May I invite you to join us in praying these points concerning our general elections, 29th December 2011. 2012, The year of God’s Governmental Order

Prayers for National Election, 2011 (Without getting into Politics) Based on I Timothy 2:1-5 

  1. Pray that people will seriously seek God in how they vote. 
  2. Pray that people will not put economics or politics, youthfulness, or experience above the godly and biblical foundations upon which Jamaica was founded. (National Anthem and Pledge etc)
  3. Pray for God’s Spirit to fill the voting booths and guide people as they vote. 
  4. Pray that huge numbers of godly people will turn out to vote. 
  5. Pray for people to follow God’s guidance not just political parties. 
  6. Pray that God will give us godly leaders of integrity who will govern in wisdom and righteousness. 
  7. Pray for God to have mercy on Jamaica and stay His hand of judgment.
  8. Pray that God will determine the 63 Parliamentarians to fill the house
  9. Pray that blatant liars, immoral and unethical practitioners will have no place in the next Cabinet.
  10. Pray that persons bent on deceiving the Nation will be timely exposed
  11. Pray for Transforming Revival to be experienced as happened in 1860
  12. Pray for the peace of God to rest upon Jamaica Land We Love. Finally, let’s agree and say, "Lord, shake the very foundation of ungodliness in this society until our hearts are turned to you in repentance and worship. We will be steadfast until that for which we have been praying is realized".

With Every Blessing
Your servant in Christ,
Rev Naila L Ricketts,
P2K Home