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Prayer Strategy for Journalists in National Media

Prayer Strategy for Journalists in National Media

  1. Pray for the Church to regain its biblical worldview. We must train the next generation to have a biblical worldview.
  2. Pray for journalists and their needs. Pray that Christians model what we really believe. Most journalists know what Christians don’t believe in, but need to know what we do believe in and we must model it.
  3. Local churches should adopt those in media if they live in a city where national media is headquartered. Send notes that you are praying for them. Provide food baskets, etc. when major stories are breaking. Develop a prayer list of those working at that headquarters and pray for them by name.
  4. Pray prayers of repentance by representatives for the media and the deception that is coming out of secular media.
  5. Pray for those believers in the media to have the spirit of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego who refused to worship the god of Babylon.
  6. Pray for the Nehemiahs to be raised up to rebuild the wall of the media of righteous reporting.
  7. Take an interest in journalists as people.
  8. Career doors in national media are often very difficult to break into without an insider family member or Ivy league connection. Pray for doors to be opened to Godly men and women in media.
  9. Serving those who serve high profile individuals must be done with great sensitivity. Avoid name-dropping. You will compromise their ability to have influence.
  10. Christians a desiring a career in media and journalism must consider the extraordinary commitment required in education, training, work hours required, and the impact on family life.

Strategies: - ( To be underpinned by mush prayers)

  1. Christian philanthropists and business   leaders must begin to develop our on PR strategies to demonstrate the value   of a biblical world view in creative and  powerful ways. This will require a commitment of finances.  
  2. Christian journalists must be salt and  light in the industry.