Welcome to Prayer 2000 Prayer Points Database

Prayer 2000 is a Partnership Prayer Ministry that was created to sufficiently raise the awareness of, the need for, and the Level of Prayer throughout the Country in order to facilitate the Presence-Based Transformation and Revival of our nation.

We accept responsibility, as indicated by our Vision and Mission Statements, to change the spiritual atmosphere and climate in our Nation through corporate prayer and intercession and to break, demolish, and remove the enemies influence through strategic spiritual warfare and informed intercession. Strategies are developed through Spiritual Mapping, a process of consultation and partnering with the Ministers Fraternal, Pastors, and other Prayer Ministries, by the installation of Prayer Altars and the JTT (Journey to Transformation) Schools of Prayer Nationwide. Prayer agendas are developed and distributed to the ALTARS; Corporate all Night Prayer Meeting are held "on-site" "with-insight"; and seasons for intercession are scheduled and carried out at Parish level.

In an effort to continue and further these endeavours and fulfill our mandate, this database of prayer points and focus for the parishes and towns of our nation is being maintained. So that intercessors and pray-ers can have access to information that will aid in their strategic informed intercession.

If you have more information in this regard that you believe can aid in this mission, please feel free to send it to us, so that it can be made available via this portal. You can send the information using this medium or by email.