A Word Of Prophecy

On Sunday February 3, 2013.The Lord gave Sis Maria Tomlin-Dias the following word for Rev. Dr. Naila Ricketts.

Behold I am doing a new thing in you says God. I am giving you new alignment in high places. Kingdom authority is placed upon you. Behold I am doing a new thing. Nations shall call you. Jamaica shall be re-established because of your prayer and the prayers of the saints with you. You shall have no lack. Call forth the hidden treasures. Behold I have given you the key to the kingdom because you carry my heart says God.

The very desires of your heart shall be granted and you shall behold it with your very eyes. A new realm in the spirit I have taken you says God. Demons and devils shall tremble at your very presence because of my presence that is with you. I shall instruct you to speak to the leaders of this nation and they shall listen. Think it not strange that I have burden your heart with the affairs of this nation. Keep prophesying my word over this nation. I am pulling the prophets and intercessors together. I am igniting their hearts.

Many have become discouraged and distracted but I am igniting their hearts. You shall call a gathering of the prophets and intercessors in my presence and I shall speak to you and them. Behold I the Lord thy God shall do it. Only obey my instructions my son saith the Lord. I will not do any thing in this land without revealing it to my intercessors.

You have seen the tears of the young people, yes gather them. Call them together says God have not i promised that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Gather my children my son. I have called you into the kingdom for such a time as this and behold your eyes shall behold my glory says God. Watch the fulfilment of Joel chapter two. Anoint them with oil. Anoint your own son and make prophetic declarations over him says God. Thus says the Lord.

Sir I ask you to pray over this word and be attentive to the voice of the Lord.

God bless you, your family, team members and your ministry.

Your prayer partner in Christ

Sis. Maria Tomlin-Dias