Very Encouraged

It is amazing how when God uses you to bless someone, you never really know how much you have blessed that person until they tell of it.  Here is one such case from Bishop Dr. Delford Davis, telling of how Prayer 2000 and Rev. Naila Ricketts have been a blessing to him and his ministry:

Rev.  You are doing a great work in and on behalf of the kingdom of God, keep it up.  

You continue to keep us informed and up-to-date with urgent prayer needs, not only nationally but also internationally.

You may never know the positive impact it is having on our prayer life.  It causes us to pray over and above what would normally be our prayer time.

God speed for Dr. D. Thomas we have placed him, the surgeons and the entire process in God’s hands.  So let us continue to SING.

Delford Davis.

Let us keep telling of the goodness of God, and also let His servants know how much they are being a blessing to us.

K. A. Richards
Technical Officer
Prayer 2000

One thought on “Very Encouraged

  1. Bishop Davis
    Thank you. You have taken the time to commend us and we are grateful for the kind encouragement.
    Indeed we overcome the wicked one by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our Testimony.
    Rev Naila L Ricketts
    President, Prayer2000

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